Our massage therapists are highly experienced with a substantial amount of education. Resulting in many certifications on a wide range of treatments and techniques to help heal and treat alongside the doctors.

Kevin Aquino L.M.T

NYS Licensed and Certified; 15+ Yrs Exp

Reflexology Treatment

Hot Stone Massage

Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage

Kasey King L.M.T

AA-Clinical Massage Therapy (medical); 7+yrs Exp

Oncology Massage & Lmyphatic Drainage

Fibromyaligia Pain Management Massage

Migraine & Tension Headache Massage


Born and raised in Monrovia, Maryland, I started my career at the young age of 18 with the Baltimore School of massage and obtaining my certificate to practice. Upon dating my husband I was in a serious car accident, deeply injuring my neck. Gently nudging me to skip surgery, my (husband) introduced me to my mother-in-law, a compassionate chiropractor with a gift for diagnosis. Part of my treatment in her office INCLUDED massage therapy, as well as the normal heat and adjustments. Together the massage therapist and my MIL helped me to heal without ANY pain meds or sugery. THIS was the experience that made me hungry for more medical education as a Massage Therapist.

With a husband in the military, I moved 6 states in 4years, giving me the oppourtunity to work all the many angles of my career ie: resorts, small day spas, chain/corporations,hospitals, nursing homes and even in CHKD Cancer Center doing research on the effects of massage on the children with cancer. One of the many states we lived was Virginia. Everyday i drove past a school where the students where entering in scrubs,and eventually intuition persuaded me to check it out. Long story short, it turned out to be Medical Massage!!! I then started my long, full time education to persue an Associates Degree in Clinical Massage Therapy, FOREVER changing my career.

Eventually making it to NJ, I have found Dr. DeMaria, and Dr. Paul, who both share the same passion, and belief that together massage and chiropractic can help HEAL.